Fire Extinguisher Service in Phoenix, AZ

The Importance of a Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are pivotal to providing a safe protection plan for any environment. They are your first aid response to fire and are useful in preventing catastrophic damage to property and people. They suffocate flames quickly to avoid further fire damage and to keep everyone safe. When accidents happen, certain flames become too large to be smothered or put out with water. In this case, you must act fast to extinguish the flame with the appropriate fire extinguisher. Legislation requires you to provide appropriate firefighting equipment on your premises, whether you’re a business or property owner. It also requires you to conduct routine maintenance and regular inspections of the fire extinguishers you’ve installed on your premises. The team at Service 1st Fire Protection LLC is here to help you provide correct and adequate fire protection in your property. Contact our team today to learn more and request fire extinguisher service throughout Phoenix.

Fire Extinguisher Service in Phoenix, AZ

Fire Extinguishers for Large and Small Properties

Fire extinguishers range in design based on their power, composition, and function. At Service 1st Fire Protection, we proudly provide a wide range of extinguishers, giving you a custom choice for your situation. Learn more about our many available fire extinguishers by following the links below:

All Your Extinguisher Needs


It’s important to conduct routine maintenance on your fire extinguishers, so in the event that you need to use them, they’re functioning properly. ABC Dry Chemical is the most common type of extinguisher, and it requires a complete internal deconstruction every six years. Hire our team to handle your common extinguisher maintenance checks and services. We also conduct maintenance on rarer extinguishers.


Our team of licensed and trained technicians provides the 10-point extinguisher inspection required annually by the state. We only need 10 minutes to complete the inspection of each unit. But this inspection is crucial to maintain your compliance with Arizona state codes and to prevent possible malfunctions in the event of a fire.


We sell and install a wide variety of fire extinguishers in accordance with relevant codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have my fire extinguisher inspected?

You need to have your fire extinguisher inspected on a yearly basis. Depending on your insurance agency, you may be required to check them monthly. Fire extinguishers have a tag that indicates the last inspection and service date.

How many extinguishers do I need in my business?

Local code states that fire extinguishers must be mounted at 75-foot intervals for fast access.

What kind of fire extinguisher do I need?

Most businesses and public gathering places use ABC Dry Chemical extinguishers in 5# or 10# volumes, but it may vary depending on your property and what you’re trying to protect.

When should I replace my extinguisher?

Not all the signs of when you need a replacement will be obvious. However, the pressure gauge at the top neck of the extinguisher will provide you with easy-to-read information. Seek maintenance if the pressure level is lower than the indicated correct area.

Other Services

Fire Sprinklers

We install all kinds of fire sprinklers for multiple types of buildings at reasonable prices.

Fire Alarms

Let our experts take care of any repairs and installations your fire alarm may need to help keep you and others safe.

Backflow Prevention Testing

We conduct backflow-preventing testing to make sure accidents do not occur, jeopardizing your safety.

Special Fire Hazards Systems

Special hazards systems combine fire prevention systems with fire control systems. We install and maintain your hazards systems, such as fire-retardant foam and carbon dioxide.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection

Any building with an industrial or commercial kitchen needs special fire protection. We install, maintain, and inspect all restaurant kitchen fire protection systems.

Residential Fire Protection

A residential fire protection system installed by experienced technicians at Service 1st Fire Protection can help protect your home and family.

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Service 1st Fire Protection LLC is Phoenix, AZ’s residential and commercial fire safety and prevention leader. Our knowledgeable and CSA-certified technicians have over 30 years of experience helping to prepare customers for fire disasters. Our services not only provide you peace of mind in the event of a fire emergency, but they can also save you thousands of dollars in potential fire damages. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the safest, most effective products on the market. Let our team provide you with the right fire extinguisher for your property’s needs. Every new customer we serve is an opportunity to educate, and we always stay in touch to provide check-ups, maintenance, and repairs whenever you need them. Contact our team to schedule your fire extinguisher delivery.

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