Fire Sprinkler Design in Phoenix, AZ

Residential and Commercial Fire Sprinkler Design

Top-tier fire sprinkler systems design is necessary for your building’s safety, and the safety of residents of the building. Fire systems must be checked regularly to ensure they are in top condition. It is always better to determine that your fire systems work before you need them to work. At Service 1st Fire Protection, our designers work with our installation experts to provide a comprehensive fire sprinkler system from start to finish. Our dedicated professionals work closely with you to perfect blueprints and listen to your needs before designing. We also cooperate with local officials and insurance agencies to preserve our client’s rights. Since 2006, we have helped hundreds of residents and commercial building owners in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. We are members of the National Fire Protection Association and the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors. All our technicians are certified by the CSA, meaning you are in capable and trustworthy hands.

Fire Sprinkler System Design in Phoenix, AZ

Benefits and Capabilities of Fire Sprinkler Design

  • Insurance discounts of up to 45%, depending on the design of your sprinklers
  • Fire sprinklers can cut house damage expenses from fires in half
  • Sprinklers last for the life of your home
  • Residential fire sprinklers add 1.5% of value to your home
  • Professional fire sprinkler design brings peace of mind
  • Various types of sprinklers, including Wet Pipe, Deluge, Dry Pipe, Pre-Action, and Foam

Fire Safety Audits

Identifying fire threats to your building is essential to ensure your safety. Service 1st Fire Protection provides in-person fire-safety audits with great attention to detail. We pay attention to building defects that could lead to fire hazards and assist you in coming up with solutions. By the end of the inspection, we will have specific plans set in place for your safety. Our fire-sprinkler design services begin with inspections and lead to solutions for your protection. Audits contain examination and planning for the following:

  • Examination of sprinkler gauges, alarm devices, fire dept. connections, piping, fittings, and sprinklers
  • Action and emergency plans for fire hazards
  • Training programs and procedures
  • Filing a fire safety maintenance checklist

Along with these services, we can also access and install emergency lighting, fire hydrants, and other fire equipment maintenance systems.

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Residential and commercial fire sprinkler systems are essential to the safety of your building, and professional design and installation will ensure your security. We offer premier fire safety maintenance and installation of sprinklers, alarms, extinguishers, kitchen systems, and special fire hazard systems. With professionals on call 24/7, Service 1st Fire Protection is always here to assist you. Each member is specifically trained in their area, giving you a certified expert in the field to work with. Schedule an appointment with us today to meet a team member and receive exceptional service. We look forward to serving you!

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