Class D Fire Extinguishers in Phoenix

If you’re searching for a reliable Class D fire extinguisher in the Phoenix, AZ, area, contact the team at Service 1st Fire Protection. We carry many different types of fire extinguishers, and we will help you find just the right unit for your needs. We work with both businesses and individuals to make sure you are getting a good match, and we can answer any questions you may have about fire extinguishers. Since we specialize in this type of equipment, we can help make sure you are fully prepared for a fire emergency.

About Class D fires

A Class D fire is categorized as a “metal fire,” which can be very dangerous. The Class D extinguisher sprays a powder coat over the burning metal to stop the fire—as well as to cool the burning metal. This dual-purpose extinguisher is specialized and, for this reason, should only be used for this type of fire. If you aren’t sure if this is the correct fire extinguisher for your needs, we can help you evaluate your current setup and let you know.

Class D extinguishers are meant to be used on combustible metals, such as powdered aluminum, magnesium, and several other specific types of metal materials. These units will not help in addressing other types of fires and can be dangerous when misused. That said, when they are used correctly, they provide a safe and effective means of fire control and mitigation.

Class D extinguishers

Class D Fire Extinguishers in Phoenix, AZ

At Service 1st Fire Protection, we stock and sell two versions of the Amerex Class D fire extinguisher, both of which are FM Approved and tested to ANSI/UL standards:

  • Model B570 – This fire extinguisher comes in both wheeled and stationary configurations, with a weight of 150 pounds. The dry powder it uses is a proprietary blend of sodium chloride, and it works on a wide range of different metals, including sodium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium-potassium alloys.
  • Model B571 – This extinguisher unit uses a copper material to address the fire and cool the metal. This model is a great match for those who may need to put out a lithium or lithium alloy fire. Our company carries it in a 250-pound, wheeled configuration.

Both tanks come with a six-year warranty. If you aren’t sure which one would be right for your location, feel free to inquire. Our specialists will work with you to select the unit that will be the best match for your unique needs.

Class D extinguisher unit features

Service 1st Fire Protection LLC chooses fire extinguishers that are easy to use, reliable, and at or above industry standards. Our Class D fire extinguisher units have the following features:

  • Bilingual labels with barcode
  • Durable color-coded (Class D) paint
  • An extended soft flow applicator
  • Cylinders made of drawn steel
  • Metal valves
  • A long-range nozzle
  • FM Approved (to ANSI/UL 299 and ANSI/UL 711 standards)

We understand most people aren’t experts in fire extinguishers or the specs and applications for each unit. Our helpful staff is always on hand to make sure you fully understand what extinguisher you need, as well as all the features. Contact us today for assistance.

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