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Specialized Fire Hazards Systems in Phoenix, AZ

Cylinders and pipe fittings of industrial extinguishing system.

When your fleet or property needs special systems in place to protect them from fire, trust the professionals here at Service 1st Fire Protection LLC. Special fire hazard protection entails making sure your property and vehicles are protected in case of an emergency. It also protects delicate systems, vehicles, and interior spaces from the damage that sprinklers and standard extinguishing systems can cause. Special hazard systems should never be installed by amateurs. Instead, call us here at Service 1st Fire Protection LLC. We have over 30 years of experience with hazard prevention systems of all kinds, and we offer 24/7 emergency service. When nothing but a custom special hazards system will do, reach out to us.

What Are Special Hazards Systems?

Special hazards systems combine fire prevention systems with fire control systems. They are used when a property has special requirements. They make use of special fire-retardants like foam and carbon dioxide, depending on the environment. Some fire-retardants will interact dangerously with certain chemicals inside a building–especially industrial buildings. Special hazards systems are put in place to avoid these potentially dangerous interactions.

What Can Special Hazards Systems Do?

Special hazards systems are especially useful in properties that house extremely high-value equipment or assets. Therefore, they are often installed in museums. These systems not only detect fire conditions quickly; but the methods they use to retard the flames are less likely to cause damage to the interiors and the property housed therein. Special hazards systems also:

  • Detect conditions that are likely to result in a fire.
  • Suppress fires when normal systems would cause irreparable damage to the property or the items inside.
  • Protect the lives of people inside any given property.

What Kinds of Systems Does Service 1st Install?

Our experienced staff has been helping businesses and individuals install, maintain, and repair specialized fire and hazard prevention systems for more than three decades. You can trust our technicians who are CSA certified. This means we can help you have the proper hazard system in place for your building or vehicle.

We are able to help with a variety of systems, including:

  • Vehicle systems: If you experience a fire in your vehicle, this system can manually or automatically cease the electrical charge to the area and douse the fire.
  • Industrial Dry Chem: When a fire breaks out in your business’ building, this system can set off the fire alarm and extinguish the fire with ABC Dry Chemical agent.
  • Clean agent systems: If the property in your business is so valuable that it must be protected from normal fire extinguishing methods, this is a system you may want to consider.

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We Work with You

Here at Service 1st Fire Protection LLC, we know that every property is different. Thus, it stands to reason that the fire suppression needs of every property are also different. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your exact fire protection needs. We can design a custom special hazards fire prevention system in your commercial or industrial building. Our experts will carefully examine your property and your assets to help you choose the system that will provide the most protection. Then, we get to work designing it from scratch. Don’t leave your special hazards systems in the hands of amateurs. Enlist our professional help instead.

Your Property Can’t Wait

Your property should have the fire protection it always needs. There is simply too much to lose. After all, we offer incredibly affordable prices for our professional special hazards’ systems installation service. There is no reason not to contact us and protect your property so talk to us today!

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