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If you are in the market for a new roof hatch installation in Phoenix, AZ, check out Service 1st Fire Protection, LLC. We have a reputation for being the best in the business, and we back that up with quality fire protection products and services. Whether you are looking for a simple hatch or something more elaborate, we can meet your needs.

What Are Roof Hatches?

Roof hatches are doors that allow access to the roof of a building without having to climb onto it or use an external platform. They are typically made of metal and have sturdy latches for locking, as well as hinges so they can be easily opened from either side.
Roof hatches come in many sizes and designs depending on the purpose of the building. Large commercial buildings, for example, might use a large hatch that can be opened from within or without to allow easy access for repairs, cleaning, and maintenance of their roofs. Smaller residential buildings may have hatches that are used for emergency escape during fires or other emergencies.

The Importance of Commercial Roof Hatches

Roof Hatch Installation in Phoenix, AZMaintenance personnel need occasional access to the roof in order to do routine maintenance. The building usually has stairs leading to a door which provides easy access. However, structures that do not have this have no choice but to construct one or use a ladder, which can be dangerous.

A roof hatch is the most effective way to allow easy access to your commercial building’s roof. Aside from being more cost-efficient to install than a whole staircase, there are four advantages of using a roof access hatch:

  1. Convenient Access – The main reason why commercial buildings install a roof hatch is to gain easy access to the roof.
  2. Provides Safety – In addition to convenience for maintenance personnel, a roof hatch is the best way to increase safety for people accessing the roof.
  3. Provides Security – Installing a roof hatch means less worry about anyone trying to break into your building. Roof hatches are built using sturdy and durable materials to ensure no one can break in.
  4. Provides Building Protection – There are many variants of roof hatches to choose from. You’ll need a roof hatch that won’t rust easily, and if it frequently rains in your area, the roof hatch should have a gasket to prevent water from seeping through the building.

Types of Roof Hatches

Did you know that some roof hatch products provide insulation and weather protection? Roof hatches can also serve as a skylight. Here are the four different types of roof hatch:

  1. Aluminum – Aluminum roof hatches provide a high level of insulation. They are comprised of coated galvanized aluminum and offer economical entry in both residential and commercial structures. They are also long-lasting and simple to use.
  2. Steel – While steel roof hatches are stronger than aluminum, they are significantly heavier, weighing around three times as much. Steel provides greater energy efficiency, weather tightness, and corrosion resistance.
  3. Fire-rated – Fire-rated roof hatches can be insulated or non-insulated and are designed to keep fires from entering through the opening. Many fire-rated hatches have a one-hand latch mechanism and a grip handle to prevent the door from shutting accidentally.
  4. Recessed – Recessed roof hatches are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them one of the most durable roof hatches to use. They provide convenience and dependability with a heavy-duty design and insulation that requires low maintenance.

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